MilluNode in Video Routing

Hi there

There is no option to select a MilluNode as output when using Video Routing, which is a bit of a shame, but I assume there is a good reason for it. My question is whether or not it would be difficult to make that option available.

I can imagine that there might be some challenges to perfectly sync the different MilluNodes, but in my use cases a less then perfect sync would still be preferable to having to build a show with a multitude of canvases only to be able to use several MilluNodes simultaneously.


  • Hello @ruppert,

    Yes indeed, this would be an interesting feature.

    For now, we are focused on the "canvas" use case, but this could be in our roadmap in the future.

    Best. Philippe

  • ...thanks Phillipe for considering.

    I kind of see the Milumin+MilluNode combo as a "best of both worlds" proposition, with a bunch of low cost, autonomous mini PC's feeding the projectors and displays, while a neat little Macbook is controlling the whole show. It's a bit like having a complex multi-output mediaserver in a handbag and for a lot of smaller performing art and dance companies this would be great, since they would be able to travel with it and just rent displays and projectors in the various venues, rather than having to re-write the whole show each time, because one venue prefers working with pandorras box, the other with arkaos the next one with watchout, touchdesigner, stumpfl, etc.

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