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ENTTEC OpenDMX (or DMX datas) don't work with Millumin 4. But with millumin 3 work fine...

a idea...?


  • Hello @jerome,

    A few questions to better understand your situation :

    • what is your version of Millumin ? 4.16.e ?
    • what is your version of macOS ? 12.6.5 ?
    • what is your machine ? MacBookPro 15'' Touchbar 2018 ? MacMini M1 ?

    For info, OpenDMX devices are not directly supported on Apple M1/M2 architectures, but you can run Millumin via Rosetta to do so. This is because libraries do not work on this architecture.

    Also, while the Enttec Open-DMX USB is supported, this is a poor and non-standard device (thus the very low price). We rather recommend to use the Enttec USB DMX Pro or equivalent. More info in this article.

    Best. Philippe

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    Hello Philippe,

    I work with :

    • Millumin 4.16.e
    • macOS 12.6.3
    • a Macbook pro M1 2021

    But I don't work with millumin 3 via Rosetta, and it work fine...

    Ok for Enttec Open-DMX USB as a poor and non-standard device...



  • Hello @jerome,

    Millumin V3 is an Intel application : it is not compiled for Apple M1 chip, so it automatically works via Rosetta on an Apple M1 machine.

    Millumin V4 is an universal application, so it can be natively executed both as an Intel and as an Apple M1/M2 application. In your case, run Millumin V4 via Rosetta.

    More info in this thread and in the article I mentionned before.

    Best. Philippe

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