OpenDMX on Apple M1

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Hello! I'm currently using an Enttec Open Dmx USB device to try and send DMX signal to a series of RGBW LED lights.

The Enttec device is recognized by Millumin (Opendmx box checked, green dot) but nothing happens on the lights. I have followed and double-checked the tutorials for connecting DMX lights and devices. No matter what I do within Millumin, The status panel on the back of the light (reveal prism) reads 'No DMX Data' and nothing happens to the light.

When I use the same Enttec device with a piece of software called 'Q Light Controller plus', as suggested to test the Enttec box, the sliders are able to adjust RGB parameters on the lights. The lights either react correctly, or when nothing is changing, the panel reads 'Static DMX Data'.

I believe the lights are working correctly, as is the Enttec box. There is a disconnect somewhere between Millumin thinking that everything is fine, sending data through the Enttec, and any data actually being sent.

What else can I try with this setup?

ALSO, I am under a bit of time pressure to figure this out. I would happily switch to a different box (Enttec usb pro 2, etc) if I knew that it would work with the current mac. So far, given that it works with the Q light software, I don't think the box is the issue, but if someone has had good experiences with another interface I'd be happy to hear about it.

Thank you for your time!



  • Hello @jmfreema,

    I do think Q Light Controller Plus is not an Apple M1 application, so it is using Rosetta to run on your machine. Can you try to do the same with Millumin : select in Finder then press CMD+I to use ad hoc option.

    Is your OpenDMX recognized if Millumin is running via Rosetta ? If so, it might be incompatible with Apple M1 architecture. At least for now.

    For info, we tested the Enttec USB DMX Pro, Enttec USB DMX Pro Mk2 and DMXking ultraDMX Micro on Apple M1 machines, and they works fine.

    Best. Philippe

  • That was it, Philippe! Thank you so much for the prompt reply. It's working now, in Rosetta mode.

    Is there any reason not to just run it like that on an ongoing basis?

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    Hello @jmfreema,

    Millumin V4 is both optimized for Intel and Apple M1 architecture.

    If you run Millumin in Rosetta mode, you are running the Intel version of Millumin on your Apple M1 machine, so it is not optimized/native, and you are loosing around 20% of performances. This may be not that important, because Apple M1 are powerful.

    Anyway, I created a ticket to check if OpenDMX can work on Apple M1 machines, but this may or may not be possible. I cannot confirm anything right now.

    As a reminder, the other and non-OpenDMX devices (such Enttec USB DMX Pro, Enttec USB DMX Pro Mk2 or DMXking ultraDMX Micro) are running natively with Millumin V4 (no need of Rosetta).

    Best. Philippe

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