work on HELIOS DAC to control KUB 1500 RGB(boomtoneDJ)

Open layer/laserdrawing...

i can do free lines . ok. i can draw. effects not work...??

how i can do animation ?



  • Hello @nikola,

    The "laser" effect can detect lines or points. Of course the result would be hardly good if you try it with a picture with a lot of contours.

    Try with this project :

    Please note that lastest beta includes new animation properties for laser-media : selection and phase. It also play .ILD files (still frames or animations).

    Best. Philippe

  • thanks a lot Phillipe !

    i just test your project. it work !

    but when i do some littles changes, my laser beam shut down...

    millumin recognize it ( HELIOS interface) but i lost my light !

    after many ways and connection, start computer and the laser beam next millumin...etc

    nothing happen...drivers ? it seams that is between Helios /ILDA /laserbeam...


  • ok problem resolved !

    kpps rating, on 10kpps it work.


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