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My name is Ruppert, I'm new to the Forum and have a question regarding DMX routing within Millumin.

I was asked to prepare an Installation in which two different artists are sharing the same edge blended projection screen, with one artist providing a number of video files and the other artist using the Unreal Engine to generate an interactive animation in real time. My suggestion was to use the 4K output from the Unreal Engine PC as an input into Millumin (either through Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k or NewTek Spark Plus i/o 4K) and then switch between the video files from one artist and the Unreal animation from the other artist within Millumin. But there is also DMX control involved and I am not entirely sure how to go about it. I could just use a DMX merger and have the DMX output from the Unreal Engine PC and the one coming from Millumin be superposed, but I would prefer having the DMX from the Unreal Engine PC go into Millumin, the same way the Video output does and then just put the DMX control straight through when it's supposed to be on and cut it when the video files from the other artist are playing. DMX routing is not my forte, so I would assume that this might not be as simple as I hope it could be.

Any suggestions would be truly appreciated, if any of what I am describing above makes sense to someone.

Thanks in advance!



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    ...I think I actually found a solution involving Benjamin Kuperberg's delicious french chestnut (chataigne).

    It seems simpler than I thought, maybe somebody more familiar with signal routing in general can tell me whether or not I am barking up the wrong tree. (ahh, metaphors, you either love them or you hate them)

  • Hello @ruppert,

    Millumin is not designed to merge DMX from multiples sources. If you just have a few channels to deal with, you can create a few interactions in Millumin that send DMX back.

    Else I would recommend to use a DMX merger.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe

    Thanks for your reply (as always, much appreciated).

    I was initially planning to use a DMX Merger, but none of the commonly used configurations (Highest Takes Precedent, Backup, Concocted, etc.) was really usable for this particular setup. Using Ben Kuperberg's Chataigne as a DMX router and creating a condition triggered by an OSC command from Millumin that either passes the external DMX control straight through or cuts it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I'll test its reliability and will post a little follow up.



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