UDX Barco projector serial command issue for fading shutter

Hey there, first time caller long time listener

controlling a bunch of barco UDX pjs via telnet but can't seem to get the string correct to get the shutter to fade out. I have control, can power on/off, shutter on/off but designer wants the shutter to fade so it doesn't snap. ANY help would be MOST helpful.

Last string I tried was:



  • Hi, sorry I don't have your answer.

    But I'm interested. You do actually have a fade on this beamer ? What's the model ?

    I couldn't find any reference about a fade in the "RS232 and Network Command Catalog - Barco".


  • Hello @cwitt0324,

    Are you sure you can fade ? According to documentation, there is no such "fadeOut" value available.

    Did you contact Barco's support to learn more about this ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hey

    Yes, I am able to do this via dmx but would rather just use serial commands. In the past, with other models I've been able to accomplish this so unclear why these UDXs are different

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