Mac Studio M1 Max Performance

Been testing a base-spec Mac Studio: M1 Max, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD.

It's a beast. Running 4x 4K@60Hz outputs via two Thunderbolt to twin-Displayport adapters, playing 16x pieces of 4K@60fps ProRes content, mix of ProRes 422HQ and ProRes 4444.

That's sixteen 4K at 60fps ProRes pieces of media, out of four 4K60 outputs, on a £1600 box. Madness.

SSD read speed hovering around 4.4GB/s. Been running like this for 4 days straight, the chassis isn't even warm to the touch.


  • HAP is dead.

  • Hello @ectoplasmosis,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, the Mac Studio is powerful !

    Best. Philippe

  • Have you done any testing to see if tearing is occurring between output channels?

  • Hello. Can you tell me the manufacturer or model of the adapter you used?

    Have you ever used more than two adapters?

    I wonder how many output of Mac Studio can be increased by using an adapter like this.

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