Next layer short cut

Hi Philippe,

is it possible to assign a shortcut "next layer" instead of "next culomn" to control it via midi and "interaction" mode?

I want to assign one button to switch between for exemple 3 layer as a pattern ( layer 1 , layer 2, layer 3, layer 1 etc... each Time I press the button) in column #1.

In parallel I want another button to switch between 4 layers in column #2.

Is that possible ?




  • Hello @jserie,

    Sorry, it's not possible.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    do you think this is a function that could happen in the near future?


  • Hi @jserie Julien

    You can use Chataigne to do what you want !

    I create a project with OSC to command Millumin, with 5 layers (number of layers are in the range of custom variable). But you cannot use the plugin Millumin in Chataigne because it send only string to command /action/selectLayer, so I do a custom template in OSC.

    After, you can use any message to select your layer, and really do what you want.

    Best !


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