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    Hi, Philippe
    Do this plugin works with Resolume Arena 4?May be I need to use the other plugin?

    Ilya Orlov.
  • Hello @ilyaorlov,

    No, this plugin is for Millumin only.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi, I'm an After Effects user, and ran across your software on AEscripts. I just finished a projection mapped show done entirely in AE, and I was excited to find a new tool to make projection mapping easier.  I downloaded your sample files, and I am a little confused at what extra utility is gained here over using just After Effects for a single projector pre-rendered projection mapped movie.  I can do the slicing and perspective correction directly in AE using a precomp and ccPowerPin.

    It looks like nice software, and I can see how some of the interactive features and multi-projector edge blending would be useful.  Does it have a free player to display your projects, or do you need to install a full version of the software on a display machine?  Maybe you could make a video targeted towards AE users functionality that we can't get using AE?


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    Hello @mwoods,

    Of course, you could do everything with After Effects, but you would have to do all the mapping with ccPowerPin (probably not the best tool for videomapping) and render the whole comp. What if your projector moves a bit ? You would have to render everything again. Big difference with Millumin that can compose in real-time.

    Anyway, everybody has its own workflow, but in most situations, a specialized videomapping tool is needed. Think about theater, opera, museums, events involving human beings or with sequences, ...

    To reply to your second question : no, there is no such free player. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,
    I have AE CC on my mac and I have the trial version of Millumin. I have downloaded the plug in for AE and I did copy the plugin to the Plug-in folder of AE , and I went through Readme text but still I can not see the AE in the input part of the Millumin. Can you help me with that? Thanks
  • Hello @gelar,

    You have to create a composition, so After Effects would render a first frame for Millumin (needed for the detection).
    Also, be sure you followed all the instructions in the video.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe, it worked.

     I have another question. Iv found this tutorial for madmapper
    is it possible to use millumin instead of madmapper in this way that they have explained to map the building (photo-base)? 
  • Hello @gelar,

    Yes, it's possible : mapping and warping work the same in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • I have placed the plugin into my AE plugin folder but it does not then appear in the Millumin library? Any ideas?

  • Hello @Joejatkins,

    Be sure to follow all the steps described in the tutorial. Also, create at least one composition in After Effects so there is something to render towards Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • I love the concept of the plugin and understand the benefit of slicing and mapping in Millumin but I am a bit confused how the final presentation is supposed to work. Once I've completed the mapping and slicing using the plugin, how would I go about rendering out my final AE animation and getting into Millumin? Is there some way to replace the AE input with a Quicktime movie file so all of the slicing and mapping stays in place for final presentation? 
  • Hello @ Reytio.

    When your composition is ready, you just have to render it as a .mov file and import it as a media in Millumin (the media replaces the plugin).
    The mapping/masking/warping will be applied as on the plugin

    Antoine M*
  • We've built an entire opera set using this technique- thanks, Philippe! Will share video when it's done.
  • have you a plug for motion 5 ?
  • Hello @gregtechnique,

    We don't have such plugin.
    If you just need to see the result in Millumin, you can try syphoner or screen capture syphon.
    If you need to use th empaling technique then you'll need a plugin.
    You can post an user voice about that so we have a trace of your idea.

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    When will this plugin be available for non mac users, I would buy this in a heart beat but I use windows
  • where can i find the plugin
  • Hello @senseoman,

    Did you click on the link in the first message of this thread ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Team Millumin,

    We download Millumin 2 trial version after seeing its realtime response with after effects to test it our own before making full purchase, but we are not able get it right we have followed instructions step by step as told in video tutorial but still we can't see after effects input folder in library nor we can import AEP file straight on layer. Help Guys!
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    Hello @hellovarun,

    The aim of Millumin is not to load the AEP project directly but to get the render via the plugin.

    Please check the video here for a step by step how to.

  • Hi,

    The millumin plugin for AE no longer works. I have the latest Version of Millumin (2.1.6 h) and the latest AE (2015.3). AE appears in the inputs column but there is no image in the canvas.


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    Hello @gkowalski,

    We've tested the same configuration at our office and it works as usual. 
    Could you try to do the operation again after restarting your computer ?

    If the problem persist, could you send us the configuration of your machine (go to about this mac->more infos->system report) at contact (a)


  • Bonjour Antoine,

    No luck. Will send configuration.

  • Wow!  I just discovered that with the AE plugin installed, if both Premiere and AE are open, Premiere ALSO appears as an input.
  • Just for the record, the problem that gkowalski has been solved.


  • Bonjour,
    Impossible d'avoir After Effects en Input dans Millumin.. J'ai pourtant fais comme sur le tutoriel. Pour info je suis sur Ae CC 15.0.0, Millumin 2.18, Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1.
  • Hello @hepfr,

    (for other members reading this topic, our answer will be in English)

    Since you're using macOS High Sierra, that have been just released = could you upgrade to CC 2017 or CC 2018.
    Indeed, Adobe might have fixed several bugs since 2014 (CC 15.0.0), especially for newest operating systems.
    We recently tested After Effects plugin with Adobe CC 2017, and everything was fine.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for your answer. Yes i'm on After Effects CC 2018 (15.0.0). I think the version of 2014 is 13...
  • Hello @hepfr,

    We tested again, and we don't see any problem.
    Are you sure you installed the "Millumin.plugin" inside the After Effects folder "Plug-ins" ?
    After creating a composition in After Effects, open Millumin's library : do you see a media called "After Effects" in the group "Inputs" ?
    Could you test on another computer (ideally running El Capitan 10.11 or Sierra 10.12) ?

    If the problem persists, please give us a TeamViewer session via email (contact/millumin/com).

    Best. Philippe
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    I have the same problem as hepfr. I have followed the installation instructions but no way to have access to After effects in the inputs. An idea that will help me?Thank you in advance ! Mickaël
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