Mac M1 and Millumin

Hello, does MILLUMIN already work on the new MAC M1? Has anyone done any tests? Thank you !


  • Hello @Maxime,

    From our help page here :
    You may have heard that Apple is now using its own processors, the first
    one being called Apple M1. Within two years, Intel processors will not
    be used any more.

    Millumin relies on various libraries and not all of them have been
    ported to Apple M1 yet. Therefore, Millumin is only optimized for Intel
    machines for the moment. However, in our tests, Apple translator Rosetta
    brings decent performances.

    Of course, we will do our best to optimize Millumin for Apple M1 as soon as possible.

    Our product Glypheo is already an universal application (Intel + M1).

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @Millumin

    i also ask myself the question, once the optimization the apple silicon chips made, do you already have a vision of what the backward compatibility will be and of the compatibiliy between the two architectures (switch the same millumin project from an intel chip to an apple)

    Basically, i want to acquire a second mac and i wonder if i should take the new chip or stay on the same as my first...


  • Hello @Damien,

    Millumin wil become an universal application, both optimized for Intel and Apple M1. So yes, it will remain backward compatible with older machines (Intel ones I mean).

    Best. Philippe

    PS : keep in mind that the current Apple M1 computers (MacBookAir, MacBookPro and MacMini) are limited to 2 video outputs. Of course, you can get more but you would need additional adapters such as Datapath FX4 or a Thunderbolt hub (see this video).
  • Hello,

    And for now, egpu doesn't work on Apple M1...

  • Hello all,

    The current beta of Millumin (3.19.m) is optimized for both Intel and Apple M1.

    More info on this post.

    Best. Philippe

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