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if you setup an output as NDI, the NDI framerate on the receiving machine is always 59,94fps.
No matter what Millumin's global framerate is.

Why is this?

For testing I setup an NDI output with another software (vMix) and in this case the NDI stream is locked to the framerate of vMix (e.g. 30fps).

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    Hello @rolandino,

    Indeed, this is the default value provided by NDI.
    You do not choose a specific format in Millumin (such as NTSC 29.97fps), because the resolution is free and framerate is based on displays connected to GPU. So this value doesn't mean much.

    Is it a problem ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    indeed I am now encoutering problems with the NDI framerate.

    Currently working on a VR project with Unreal Engine. There is a NDI stream from Millumin going into the Unreal machine.

    There it is very important that all sources (SDI, NDI, etc.) have the same framerate. Otherwise there are performance impacts. I need the NDI from Millumin with 50fps, Millumins output is locked to 50fps via display connected to GPU, but the NDI out has 59,94fps.

    My workaround to solve this problem is to send Millumin's NDI into vMix and "convert" it there to 50fps. Of course this solution is not so nice.

    Can you do anything about this?



  • Hello,

    The true framerate for NDI output is the one displayed by Millumin's FPS.

    I think this "59,94fps" value comes from meta-data, that does not reflect the reality. In fact, this is just a default value (some other softwares outputting to NDI have the same behavior).

    Do you see a difference between Millumin's direct NDI output, and you vMix convertion ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    yes, there is a noticeable difference in CPU usage on the Unreal machine.

    Millumin's direct NDI stream results in 10-15% more CPU usage than the converted stream from vMix.

    I cannot explain the exact reason. Maybe Unreal is misinterpreting the framerate because of wrong metadata?



  • Hello @rolandino,

    I sent you a special version that uses 50fps for the meta-data. But this is just meta-data.

    Let me know if it changes something.

    Best. Philippe

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