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Hello Millumin people
I am a Watchout operator for almost 10 years & as years pass watchout still rely on an old & unfriendly user interface. I believe it’s still wanted at events as it’s known for stability.
Lately Iv’e been exposed to Millumin by a colleague & I decide to check it out.
I’ve been playing with the Trial for sometime & I can say I was amazed by it’s features, simplicity, performance & price.
No Client-Server method will help me focus on the project & less on hardware & technical problems.
Programming a video show seems to take me about 1/10 the time with millumin then over watchout. The Que based dashboard with integrated timelines is also amazing & easy to understand. I’m really in love with this software!
The only thing I couldn’t understand is the program’s mapping.
I Understand that I can map each layer on it’s own but I couldn’t find a way to map the whole project’s output.
Most of the time I get ready made files from the video designer which contains a main background which is the same size of the whole composition (Image 01,03), Video overlays – some the same size as the whole composition & some as each slice.
After finishing programing the show I mostly get around 3 to 6 layers.
How do I map the whole project to the output of the display for fitting slices to LED sending card? (Image 02)
The only solution’s I found was:
1. Map each layer individually but this is very time consuming, It also add mapping layers which make the interface a mess. It also mess the visibility of the original files as I want to see it exactly as it should look.
2. Syphon to other program – very unreasonable for me as It makes the system unreliable & also might add latency for live captures/cameras.
Am I missing something? Is there a better way for doing it? Is it possible to use a Copy Layer as an adjustment layer as it copy all the layers Beneath it & then map only this layer?

Thank You!


  • Hello @Samuel_B,

    You can use Syphon, but use it directly in Millumin. I recreated your configuration with 2 canvases, see attached project.

    However, we're aware that this would be far more practical to deal with LED arrangement directly in "Output" popup : so once setup, you don't need to see it any more, and you can be focused on content creation.
    This is planned, despite I cannot give you an ETA, sorry.

    I hope it answers your questions.
    Best. Philippe
  • I guess it's not just a great software but also a great support!
    Thank you for your quick response, I will try what you suggested.
    In theory, when using syphon directly inside millumin can cause latency?

  • Hello @Samuel_B,

    Syphoning canvases in Millumin will cause a one-frame latency.

    Best. Philippe
  • Samuel_B,
    From my experience if you are being connected straight to the LED sending card, then another 1 frame latency is acceptable with live cameras. If there is a Scaler/Switcher/Processor between your computer & the LED sending card then another frame might make a difference (Camera latency + capture card latency + Switcher latency  etc...)
    I'm also waiting for some kind of a warping engine over output.
    Beside that, everything you wrote is right, the software is super friendly and efficient.

  • Great, Thank you all
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