Windows Millumin when?

We have seen the latest Mac Pro iteration.
I could throw away my equipment and buy the basic Mac Pro and keep using Millumin.(at a cost of like 10K euros)
Until Apple switches to ARM CPUs.
Please make a Windows version.
You being an apple only software is making you more and more unaffordable.
Why should I just not buy Watchout like 99% of others and keep fighting for Millumin?
I have been selling it and talking it up since version beta 1 but now I am out.
Put Millumin on Windows and you will rule.
Thank you,


  • unfortunately I do not think it is possible, it is true that apple computers are really expensive for more than average configuration, there are solutions but not for everyone financially and then a hackintosh is not on the reliability with the updates. I still keep millumin for small performance with my imac of 2011 but I could not invest in a new Mac.
    In the meantime I wish the millumin team a long life because for me you have the best software on the market.

  • Hello @Alen,

    First of all, we don't wanna
    "rule", but rather deliver good software. That's why we've been focused
    on a single platform (because cross-platform ergonomics aren't so
    comfortable, at least from our point of view). That's a choice with pros
    and cons, and this is also our history. And even if we'd
    put all our effort on developping a Windows version, this won't come any
    time soon : this is a lot of work !

    Anyway, I won't talk about Mac versus PC. I prefer to point out the real problem behind all this : getting a very powerful machine (handling a lot of outputs and inputs) at a cost-effective price. Am I right ?

    the MacPro a solution ? Yes, if you have the money (the high-end MacPro
    gonna be a beast, probably the most powerful computer you can buy from a
    retailler). For the other, no obvisouly (despite the entry-level MacPro
    will be still very customizable).

    At the
    same time, Apple have been supporting eGPU for a few years, and we made a
    lot of tests for about 2 years on our side. For sure, this is really a
    powerful, flexible and affordable solution.
    Example : MacMini + eGPU Vega 56 (less than US$2000) allows you to
    output 3 x 4K@60 with 3 x 4K@30 HAP movies (and this isn't the limit).
    the next months, our goal is to provide documentation about a few
    standard configurations, to help people to choose what they need. In
    brief, what hardware to buy (the computer, but also the external devices
    such as capture cards).

    Lastly, here are a few thought about recent Mac technologies :

    - AMD's Infinity
    Fabric Link (included in highend MacPro) looks like a very important technology : this should allow
    to create a "virtual GPU" from multiple ones, so any application could
    work with multiple GPU without rewritting its code (in the same fashion
    you write an application that can be operated by multiple CPU cores).
    This is huge !

    - All the job made for high-end MacPro will very probably benefit to eGPU approach that Apple also embraced.

    Output synchronization : we discussed about it with an Apple engineer,
    and we've to recontact him after the WWDC (next week) to learn more
    about this question. This may or may not be something useful, but I
    guess he wouldn't say so if nothing was in the pipe ...

    As you may understand, I strongly believe in eGPU solution (I'm not the only one, check out Millumin's operator group). And this isn't the only solution we could imagine, some other may arise later this year. Stay tuned.
    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you for the detailed reply.
    I first have to disagree with the first part of your message (MacPro is OK) as it is false and in contrast with the second part (e-gpu is the way).
    Why would anyone get a Mac Pro and use it with an e-gpu?
    Having said that, both options are usable. 
    So to quote you: " Is
    the MacPro a solution ? Yes, if you have the money (the high-end MacPro
    gonna be a beast, probably the most powerful computer you can buy from a
    retailler). For the other, no obvisouly (despite the entry-level MacPro
    will be still very customizable)."
    So, drop 10K on a "highly customisable" base model which can shut down upgrades in the next update and hope for the best.
    It only has USBC ports because I obviously just started doing this and have no thunderbolt 2 or USB3 devices, or any other gear, just the new mac every time Tim goes on stage.
    Millumin has no place in this - it should be optimized for threadripper CPUs and rigs users build for their own uses.
  • Up to you if you want to be an app in the app store or proper software for shows. Or both.
  • Hello @alenmecan,

    # Why would anyone get a Mac Pro and use it with an e-gpu?
    In my message, I was speaking about a MacMini + eGPU, not a MacPro.
    For less than US$2000, you can get 3 x 4K@60 outputs.

    # Millumin should be optimized for threadripper CPUs.
    Millumin (as most realtime video applications) is optimized for GPUs, not CPUs.
    Buying a computer with a very high-end CPU won't help that much. In the contrary, a rig built with a high-end GPU will be very performative for most realtime video applications : custom PC, hackintosh, eGPU, ...

    I didn't understand the last part of your message (the one black on white), sorry.
    Best. Philippe
  • edited June 2023

    I know it's an old thread but the point is always the same.

    Used Millumin since 2016 for the events of our ballet school, this year next Sunday event was requested (and wanted!) to add a few effects to the visual projected along with the audio.

    Problem is this is a once a year activity, managed so far with the choreographer MBP having only some years old Intel integrated graphics. Last year I tried to use some effects but was clear it's not powerful enough for some more serious shaders and effects.

    For my work I have purchased an eGPU box working flawlessly with my Windows laptop, but I'm using also my work PC Nvidia GPU, of course not supported from Macos. Purchasing an AMD GPU just for this scope didn't make so sense.

    Millunode it's also an space consuming, adding costs and complexity not needed solution.

    So in the end even if Millumin is perfect for our needs and knowing comfortably how to use it, I was forced finding an alternative and will probability go down the HeavyM path, even if I will loose some useful features (I.e. the ability to switch visual using same audio)

    Sure you are not loosing (still not 100% sure, but is with very high probability the case) a power and strategic user, still was thinking is useful to trace here my experience.

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