Datapath X4 and Matrox DualHead

Hi all,

I'm working on a new show for witch i need to send 2 different vidéo streams. For a previous show, I've already work with 2 video streams with a Matrox Dual Head (1 stream to a VP and the second one to a TV on stage). This time I need to send one stream to a VP that is on the ceiling projecting to the floor and a second stream through 3 VP projecting vertically (portrait) on to 3 vertical screens on stage. One third of the image is projected on each screen.
Every thing would be piloted by Millumin on a Macbook pro.
I thought that I could use a dual Head to separate my two video stream and for the second one use a Datapath X4 to divide the image in three (see sketch included).
Do you thing this is possible? or the best way to achieve that.

Thanks for your insights


  • hello phdemoulin
    can you do this using Datapath x4 only
    in the millumin you will have 2 option 1x4k or 4x1080 (that is in the output of the millumin)
    being thus you manage your exit
    I hope it helps

  • Thanx peixotodavi for your answer. But I was wondering if I use data path  this way (3+1), will I be able to use the feature that allow me to split one image in 3 thirds projected onto 3 different portrait screens an a second image on a fourth one?
  • Hello @phdemoulin,

    As stated by @peixotodavi, in Millumin you can choose between using your Datapath X4 as one big 4K screen, or as four 1920x1080 screens.
    So yes, you can do a "3+1" projection.

    This is even easier : you create 2 canvases, one 1920x1080 (1 horizontal videoprojector), one 3240x1920 (3 vertical stacked videoprojectors).
    Since you have a combinaison of horizontal and vertical videoprojectors on your Datapath X4, you should use "advanced layout" for the second canvas.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanx Philippe for the explanation I will go with that :)

    As usual, your are there for us. That's really the Millumiin touch !

  • Hi Philippe,

    It's been a while but I'm back on my project : 3 vertical VPs an 1 horizontal connected to a macbook pro mid 2012 via a data path X4 ans 2 canvases in Millumin (the first (advanced) with 1 video split between the 3 VP and the second (horizontal) one with the horizontal VP). The thing is my VPs are 16/10 (1280x800) and my canvas are respectively 2400x1280 and 1280x800. As I am working off stage (and stil don't have the VPS), I have a "desktop" configuration for testing with 4 computer screens 16/10 (1920x1200) : 1 horizontal and 3 physically rotated vertically.

    After some trying and reading in the forum I overcome the first difficulty : Millumin is recognizing the 4 corner only in 4K configuration so I set the Datapath to 4k (3840x2160) and then create the canvases with Millumin (My screen didn't like it so much and flickered ... And after some searching I find out that my computer is not suppose to support 4K...) but the Millumin did the job and split the signal between the 4 screens (1 + 3). The problem was the for the 3 vertical screens, the image was split in 3 but shown stretched horizontally instead of vertically (see photo attached). I didn't find anywhere how to rotate the screens in Millumin.

    In order not to jeopardize my computer or my screens or my card, I then set the data path to 2560x1600. As Mullumin will not recognize the 4 corners for this esolution, I tried to trick it by opening my previous project (with the Datapath 1 to 4 in 1920x1080) : the corners were memorized but with the new esolution : 1280x800 as long as I do not touch my canvas settings (if so, I only have the option to choose the 2560x1600 datapath). So this maybe a trick for those who want to use the corners at different resolution, just saying... If my computer and screens where now quite satisfied, my canvas still had the same "rotation" problem.

    So do you or someone in the community  have some insight, advice for me?


  • edited November 2018

    You can use Wall Designer, and setup your Datapath FX4 so it has 3 x 800x1280 displays + 1 x 1280x800 display. See images below.
    Then in Millumin, you create only one 3680x1280 canvas, that manages your 4 outputs. Of course, you could use Millumin's "advanced layout" to split this setup into 2 separated canvases, but I thought it's easier like that.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : Millumin V3 is now recognizing quarters from resolution like 5120x800, 7680x1080, 1920x4320, ...




  • Hi Philippe,

    Thank you for your answer and the solution you provided. The problem for me is that my computer max resolution is 2560x1600 so   can't the data path that way. Higher resolution (such as 3680x1280) are not recognized (mac os set it at 1920x1600 by default). So I either downscale everything with an input at 2944x1024 (but i fear for the definition) my computer allow it and use your solution or i switch to Millumin 3 with corners recognition  for a 2560x1600 square disposition but I fear the problem I faced earlier (previous post). What do you think?

  • @phdemoulin Why is the max resolution 2560x1600? Is it a very old computer?
    You can try using the SwitchRezX to create custom resolutions, refresh rates and EDIDs. You should be able to force 3840x2160 at 30Hz, unless it is a very old graphics card, in which case you should consider upgrading anyway. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks you @alenmecan - Its a macbook pro mid 2012, doesn't look like very old to me  :) but that coud be it. I will look into switchResX and keep theorem posted.

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