• Iphone/hdmi/sdi
    Hello Philippe ! We  bought a broadcast scalling converter from avmatrix to change the bitrate, and force 1080 50i ! And now the signal is seen by the mini recorder... 
    So the set-up is iPhone to HDMI via adapter, Avmatrix and out in SDI to a mini converter, and then to the Mac via thunderbolt ! Hope it can help other people !
  • mini recorder and hdmi in
    If you are using 1080P 50hz or 60hz this is the problem.
    Mini Recorder supports 1080P 25/30 only or 1080i 50/60
  • mini recorder and hdmi in
    Hello @rlalire,

    Be sure to use a format that is suitable for the Mini Recorder (see this page). For example, be sure your camera doesn't output at 4K.

    Also, did you tried with Blackmagic Media Express ? What is the result ?
    Did you contact Blackmagic support to assist you ?

    Best. Philippe
  • mini recorder and hdmi in
    Hello !

    I have an issue with the Blackmagic mini recorder : when I plug it he is recognized my Millumin, so no problem...
    It works if I use the Blackmagic mini studio 4K with sdi (via the Blackmagic video assist) : I can see my live feed. 

    But if I use HDMI (with another camera), I can't see anything, totally black ! (of course I change via the desktop video setup and choose HDMI over SDI)
    Did you had that issue ? Everything is up to date... I don't know where is the problem ! I tried to plug the video assist on a monitor via HDMI and I have a signal (see the picture).
  • ultra studio mini recorder and new MacBook Pro usb c
    Hi ! I have an issue with the Blackmagic ultra studio mini recorder and my new MacBook Pro usb c, I can't see any video in my project. I wrote an email at black magic support to be sure to use the right dongle because we don't have any thunderbolt port now and my last adapter didn't work. They told be to use the apple one, wich turn on my mini recorder, I can see him in my sources panel but when I put it in a column, nothing appears ! Any idea ?
  • Blackmagic SDI video capture cards tests and delay results

    I've run some tests with the PTZOptics-NDI HX 30x camera.

    Compared to SDI using a Blackmagic Mini Recorder, NDI is 1.1 frame faster at 30FPS (37ms)

    But.... The latency of the PTZoptics camera itself is bigger than the latency of the Blackmagic Camera.
    Using NDI the PTZOptics camera has aprox 5.4 frames of delay (180 ms).
    I have to run some tests connecting both cameras on my ATEM using SDI to compare the exact latency of both cameras.

    The good news is that NDI is a bit faster than using SDI and a BM Mini Recorder.

    Best. Philippe A.
  • Blackmagic SDI video capture cards tests and delay results

    Hi everybody,

    I made some processing delay testings using Millumin 2 and several Blackmagic SDI capture cards. 

    Setup for testings was:

    MacbookPro 15 inch, 2016 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 - MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Decklink Duo inside a Sonnet Echo Express SE I Thunderbolt 3 version

    Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder

    Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D with a Thunderbolt 1 to Thunderbolt 3 apple adapter

    Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k connected through SDI 1080p 30 FPS

    At the top of images, FPS are displayed using an iPad with ANIMTIME FPS app to use same FPS as camera, and at the bottom the results through Millumin 2.

    (For testings using the camera connected through thunderbolt, I was not able to use 30 FPS, so I changed it to 29.97 FPS)

    Please see attached file for results.

    RESULTS (PDF File)

    All the best,

    Philippe A.

  • Current SDI video capture cards tests and latency results
    Hello there,

    I just got my hands on a 15" Macbook Pro with Touchbar and a few video capture cards and wanted to share the results here.

    15" MBP w/touchbar


    All cameras were connected through SDI 1080p 29.97fps

    The Epiphan device only supports 1 camera and it had noticeable delay at 7.5 frames. I would even suggest that the frame rate was varying a little bit.

    The Duo 2 inside the Sonnet Echo Express captured flawless video from 3 cameras simultaneously at 6.25 frames delay.
    The Duo 2 supports either 4 inputs or 4 outputs which you can configure as you like: 3x1 ou 2x2, etc.

    The Quad 2 inside the Sonnet Echo Express was a bit faster at 5 frames delay while capturing video from the 3 cameras.
    Millumin always humming at 60 fps and Activity monitor reporting the system did not flinch at all.

    I also tested 4 cameras with the Quad 2 and you can go up to 8!

    If I get my hands on a USB-C to thunderbolt 2 adapter I can also test an Ultrastudio mini recorder, to compare.

    Hope this helps.
  • Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Recorder APP
    Hello, I'm looking for the plugin to connect millumin with the Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Recorder APP. 
    I want to do a live captation with Sony A7S.
    Anyone can send me the APP ?
    Thank you very much
  • BMD devices

    Hi everybody,

    On IMac, I've some issues with BMD devices :

    - UltraStudio Express SDI output (1080i50)

    - Mini Recorder SDI input (1080i50)

    When I plug the two devices, I got a small image with glitches. No problem when I unplug one of them. 

    The BMD technician told me it’s a problem about bandwidth

    Any feedback ?



  • Multi-camera feeds and switching
    Just to be clear...  How many Thunderbolt Blackmagic Mini recorders can you use with Millumin at one time? I am thinking about getting a second one.
  • Using Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder as an input
    Hello Phillippe,
    Looking for the mini app as well.  Using a BMD ultrastudio mini recorder as a live input.
    Thank you
  • Combien de Blackmagik intensity extreme peut on utiliser en meme temps ?
    Hi, just to share my experience.
    I succeded using Millumin with a mac pro last gen, with one Ultrastudio USB3 and three Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini recorder (awesome little piece of gear) for a live show, switching in Millumin flawlessly between all input sources and some recorded media. Total of four live inputs.
    Output were one fullHD projector and two VGA projectors hooked on a Matrox TripleHead.
    Yes, Millumin can be used as a live switcher if you plan carefully your sequence. Just remember to set for each source the "keep hot" settings.

  • Using Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder as an input
    Hi Philippe,
    I just bought the ultra studio mini recorder from BM.
    Can you send me your application to use the BM in Millumin.

  • BlackMagic Mini Recorder?
    Hi Martin
    About latency, how many frame with the Mini Recorder
    Philippe told me with a Blackmagic Intensity, it's 4 frame latency.
    Thank you
  • xMac Pro Server Config

    you for the answer. I think I have found which cards of blackmagic I can use.
    you confirm me these cards are compatible with Millumin.
    - Decklink Quad https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/techspecs/W-DLK-02
    - Decklink Mini Recorder https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/techspecs/W-DLK-06


    When I will receive every stuff and test it, i will make a post with the result.


  • BlackMagic Mini Recorder?
    The Ultrastudio Blackmagic Mini Recorder is great, works perfectly. No Issues.

  • BlackMagic Mini Recorder?
    Thanks Philippe, sorry i was talking about the UltraStudio Mini Recorder

    Ultra small pocket sized Thunderbolt powered recording from SDI and HDMI. I am sure results are similar.

  • BlackMagic Mini Recorder?
    Hello i am looking at getting the BlackMagic Mini Recorder to capture and live out put PowerPoint or Live cameras through millumin. Does anyone use it for this? Especially for live cameras?
  • [Test] Chassis with PocketCam + GoPro + screen
    Hello all,
    With @bart, we tested the following configuration :
    - 1  x  MacBookPro Late 2011 (with only one Thunderbolt port, version 1)
    - 1  x  Sonnet chassis (Echo Express SE II)
    - 2  x  DeckLink Mini Recorder (drivers 10.3.2)
    - 1  x  Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (at 1080p25)
    - 1  x  GoPro (at 1080p25)
    - 1  x  1080p60 screen
    On single Thunderbolt port (not three) : we were able to capture two 1080p feeds, while daisy-chaining the chassis with a 1080p screen.
    Here are the latency results :
    - about 4 frames for the Pocket Camera
    - about 9 frames for the GoPro
    Of course, it worked very well with Millumin. We hope these informations will help you.
    Best. Philippe