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  • jacquelin commented on a discussion.
    hello wikiss and phillipe

    waoo it's all right and the quartz effects are working now...

    but I tried to follow your advices but I didn't succeed to see my library folder...and tonight I install the plugin manager for quartz composer and I could see it in grey...so I could understand and finish the job...thanks for your advices and your ideas on millumin....see youjack
    September 2014
  • jacquelin commented on a discussion.
    hello Philippe,sorry to be late in the discussion due to the birth of my son, i can be back on my computer!!!

    i'm going now to try to write in english...international english...

    but, i can't follow the way "/Users/username/Library/Graphics/Millumin" (where 'username' is my user name)...i don't have Library under "users/username/

    I can find them under the root of macintosh hd.sorry for being a noob on my new macintosh bomb!!

    thanks for your workcheersjack
    August 2014
  • jacquelin commented on a discussion.
    salut a tous,un petit mail pour te demander quelle procedure a suivre pour utiliser les effets quartz composer dans millumin.j'ai copié les fichiers dans bibliothèque/graphics et créé un dossier millumin.j'ai copié aussi les fichiers dans système/graphics et créé le dossier millumin.il y a sans doute une erreur de ma part quelque part, car ces effets ne me sont pas proposés dans le logiciel.je suis sur maveriksmerci phillipea bientôtj
    June 2014