New Macbook Pro's - Compatibility with Decklink 4K Extreme 12G

Hi guys,

Would anybody know to why the New Macbook Pro's with the new AMD Radeon R9 M370X Graphics Cards as opposed to the slightly older Macbook Pro's with the NVIDIA Geforce 750M cards do not work whilst trying to input 4k into a Decklink 4k Extreme 12G Card.

The NVIDIA Cards seem to input 3840 x 2160 @ 25f into the Decklink 4k Extreme quite well....

But the new macs with the AMD cards installed dont seem to provide an input to the card at all, it recognises that it is plugged into the card but just doesn't push the signal?

We bought 2 of these new macs and neither work, so not a batch issue. Apple geniuses don't know, only people i haven't spoke to are blackmagic, which i will do.

Just strange that if the resolution is supported upto 30fps and the colourspaces are supported.... And no signal???

Am i missing something??



  • Had the same issue with the new mac pro's, Bought 2 for a job so as to input 4k keynote's. Tried with an intensity pro 4k. 

    Mac's see the 4k input card but dose not output any signal. Worked fine with a macbook pro 2015 (Intel iris) and an iMac (Intel iris). Also worked fine with a Mac Pro 5.1 using an Nvidia GTX 660. All HDMI.

    From what i can workout mac's with an ATI card doesn't work on 4k with Blackmagic Input cards that i've tested
    May be something to do with the way ATI on mac's try to run Multi stream Transport. Could be sending 2 streams of 4k at 30Hz.
    Few times it showed up in display pref's as 2 x 30Hz screens.

    Spoken to Blackmagic UK about this and they did the same tests and came to the same conclusion. There New Mac Pro's don't work either. 

    Would be worth contacting BlackMagic about this to see if their engineers have gotten any further since i spoke to them.

    Apple Geniuses had no idea and didn't really care then tired to sell me a time capsule!!

    (I've got 2 New mac pros 2 months old sat on a shelf if anyone's looking for one)

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