TouchMoreOSC, create new messages

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TouchMoreOSC allows you to create new OSC messages for Millumin : one message can now dispatch several other messages.

Please download it, and send me feedback !


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    not open. i have this problem:(attached)

  • Hi @gnomalab and sorry about this.

    I forgot to compile TouchMoreOSC for OSX Snow Leopard.
    It's fixed now and you can download it again ;)
  • ok, now it works perfect!

    thanks. :-)
  • Hello,

    I am currently using two machines to output a piece of media over 10 different outputs. 8 are from one machine and 2 from another. I am trying to use simple sync so that both machines will launch together. I am trying to avoid making every piece of media a composition and read that you can write a message to launch a piece of media at the same time.
    How would I specifically word that  message to launch media in a layer simultaneously between both machines?

    Thank you
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    Hello @Picassopro,

    All you have to do is to send a message like   /millumin/layer/media/2/3   to all machines.
    This will launch the 2nd media of the third layer.

    More infos about OSC here.

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