I use a Blackmagic Mini Recorder to stream a camera into Millumin 3. I can see images with my IPAD, and my D810 Nikon via HDMI. The screen is black when i use a D850 Nikon or my Gopro Hero 7 Black. The bitrates are good on each camera, and i can see them all on my TV via HDMI. I test the same result on Blackmagic media express, i understand that millumin is not the source of the problem.
I have written to the blackmagic support, but we didn't find any solution about that problem, so i try with the forum, may be somebody has fixed this issue?
Thank you all!


  • You should change the output format of your D850 or your Gopro : indeed, the Blackmagic Mini Recorder doesn't support all the formats. See these specifications on Blackmagic website.
    Note that the pixel-format (8-bit YUV, 8-bit RGB, 10-bit YUV, ...) is important too.

    I had a similar problem with a Gopro, and the only solution was to change the format of the Gopro, or use another device supporting more format (AJA Io XT, BMD Ultrastudio 4K, ...).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,
    I tried to change HDMI format from my D850 and my Gopro7 but no result. The BM support didn't give to me any good solution, so my problem is not resolved. Do you know if Millumin can support the AJA U-TAP-HDMI device?
    I am looking for a device less expensive than theese you proposed in your last message.
    Thank you, best regards

  • A few things to try :
    - Did you check that you had the latest drivers ?
    - Did you try to change the pixel-format in Millumin ?
    - Did you try with Blackmagic Media Express ?
    - Did you contact Blackmagic support about this ?

    About AJA U-TAP-HDMI : it's supported without any drivers. It's detected as a generic camera (like a webcam) by Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
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