Mojave Bug Update?


I was wondering if there was any update or advice for dealing with the Mojave stuttering bug? 

I have a few 15" MacBook Pros with the Pro Vega 20 video card that shipped with Mojave, so I'm hesitant to try and force a rollback to High Sierra. (I don't believe the Pro Vegas we're ever available during High Sierra, so they may not be recognized with the old OS)


  • Hello @jmellars,

    We're currently exchanging with Apple engineers about this issues that affects some configurations (and any software on such configurations). For sure, they are aware of this problem and are working on a fix. But they told us they cannot give more information for now.
    Also for sure, High Sierra doesn't have this issue.

    From our last testing : after unplugging our outputs and replugging them, it (sometimes) removed the issue (didn't have it for at 15 minutes of cautious monitoring). Could you test and tell me if it helps ? It'd be good information if so.

    Let me know if you have another question. I'll do my best to answer you.
    Best. Philippe
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