Data string send to Barco E2


I'm trying to trigger our Barco E2 switcher with millumin v2 true a data string. Barco requires the command "ATRN" to do a transition from preview to program. Image attached of the settings I'm trying. IP address and port settings are correct because with my laptop and a telnet session it works. Also the "current value" is confusing for me as the timing parameter is in the string itself (f.e. "ATRN 200").

Please advice...


  • Hello @Hans_A,

    Are you sure your Barco E2 can receive strings (maybe there is a parameter to activate this feature) ? Does it work with another software sending such strings (not a telnet session, that is very different) ?
    Also, check the protocol : itcould be UDP instead of TCP.

    Lastly, regarding the message, I guess it should be "ATRN [INT_VALUE]", so you could specify wich value to send to your Barco E2 (50 or 200 for example). See this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi, I know this is an old post. Just incase there is still people trying to control e2 via Millumin, here are the steps.


    You can launch the XML output on event master toolset using [CMD/CTRL + O].

    If you recall a preset, on the console, you will be presented with a string like this:

    <System id="0" GUID="f8ffc2003f42-1e48fc" OPID="-1">

     <PresetMgr id="0">




    Add a Strings Server, select TCP.

    enter the E2 from IP and Port number "9876".

    You can then insert [INT_VALUE] into the XML command so you can control which preset number to trigger via Millumin String Continuous Command.

    <System id="0" GUID="f8ffc2003f42-1e48fc" OPID="-1">

     <PresetMgr id="0">




    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you @silentonset for the info.

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