Audio from Atem Mini Pro Iso

I have a small show coming up in a couple of weeks that is a two cameras setup. I am using an Atem mini pro as a video capture interface and need to use Millumin (V4) as a switcher between the Atem and video rolls. 

It seems that the audio is not making it to Millumin from the Atem. I tried everything but with no results and I'm running out of options. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hello @blutaz,

    Official version of Millumin does not get audio from generic video inputs.

    However in latest beta version, we added support for audio inputs such as microphones. Feel free to use this version to get audio from the Atem Mini preview.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you very much Philippe, I'm testing Millumin's beta version and everything is working so far :)

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