Data Track / internal signal

Hello, I discovered the mode "Internal signal" in the Data Track to send direct data inside Millumin but I don't understand how it works...

I didn't find informations about it. Is there a tutorial somewhere ?

I was using a kind of direct OSC actors in Isadora called Broadcaster / Listener and it was usefull.

Is it the same way ?




  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    We planned to write a tutorial about it. Biut this will not come in the next weeks.

    Here is a simple example where a timeline generates some "internal signal" via a data-track, then a layer in the dashboard uses this info to change its opacity :

    There is not much to learn, I hope it is clear.

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok so It replaces thru the timeline adjustment a kind of "wave generator" or "envelope generator" in Isadora ?

    You don't use it to send datas from one Millumin project to another Millumin project linked thru network ?

  • I tried to redo one in a new timeline but in the Interaction panel I can't select a source.

    Any Idea ?


  • Sorry, I saw I need to select correctly the layer to have it in the source Menu.


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