2 Orizontal VP + 1 Vertical VP config.

Hi everyone,

hope this topic hasn't been already discussed.

I would like to stream a continuous image onto 2 horizontal VP (with soft edge) and 1 vertical VP (without soft edge).

is it possibile to do it in the output tab?




  • You can create 2 canvases : one with a horizontal soft-edge, and the other for your vertical projector.
    If you have only one video that needs to be spread accorss the 3 projectors together, use "copy layers" in your 2 canvases.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe!

    thanks for your reply.

    I made it to have the continuous clip onto the 2 surfaces, thanks.

    But I still don't get how the vertical soft edge option would technically work.
    Sorry for the basic question, hope it is going to be useful for someone else too.

    If I'm using projector tilted 90 degree, my surface resolution is going to be 768x1024 instead of 1024x768. correct?
    Do I have just to change the resolution of it in the output window and then Millumin is making the job or I have to create custom 90 degree rotated clips?



  • If your projector is rotated by 90°, you may want to detect it as a rotated display : see this post.

    About the mapping, a solution would be to use 3 canvases :
    - one for the content (Syphon output of 2048x1792)
    - one for the soft-edge (2048x768)
    - one for the floor (768x1024)

    See attached project.
    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks so much.

    It works great indeed like this!
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