Calculating Video Resolution

Hello guys, 
I have a question that make me goes crazy. 
I have to project a video in a round surface, 18 Meters x 5 Meters, using 3 projectors 1280x800 native resolution.
How can i calculate the resolution of my video content? 

Thank you guys!


  • Hello @le095,

    If you are using soft-edge to blend your 3 projectors all together : it is usually hard to know how many pixels will be your overlap area. Especially if you do not know where your videoprojectors will be located exactly.
    However, you can decide to have roughly 10% of overlap on each videoprojector, and when on stage, place your videoprojector accordingly.

    Another method is to use an advanced simulator such as Lumings or Mapping Matter.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello, 
    Thank you for helping. if i have the distance and the exact location of projectors does exist like a formula for calculate it?
    I have 1280x800 projectors, then i have to multiplicate that resolution per 3. 

    3280x800 is the full resolution of the "screen" right?
  • Hello @le095,

    You can use the Thales theorem to make your calculation. If you are comfortable with math and geometry.
    Else use a simulator such as Lumings or Mapping Matter.

    By the way, 3 x 1280x800 = 3840x800 pixels.

    Best. Philippe
  • According to BlendZ it's 2880x800, calculated on a flat 18x5m surface
  • Hello @andrew ;
    Thank you so much. Didn't know BlendZ, it's really great and helpfull.

    In case the surface isn't flat? what is the difference?

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