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Hi I use mac pro 2013 with millumin 3,0, mac pro has two Fire D500 video card but in GPU historic I so just one video card in use. I tried use another thunderbolt connector but always just one fire D500  video card works, like a attached picture. Anyone has some ideia why we cant run with both video cards?


  • From our experience, we found that only the first GPU is connected to outputs. The second GPU is only designed for parallel calculations.
    Parallel calculations are good for non real-time softwares, where you can render different frames of different times. But real-time rendering can only be processed by a single graphic card. You'll find this limitation in all media servers. More info on this post.

    In brief : the second GPU won't speed up rendering in real-time situation, and won't increase the number of outputs you can have on your MacPro 2013.

    Best. Philippe
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    ok thank you Philippe
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