Best format for working and export timeline ?

Hello ! I work on a project and I would like to export the whole timeline. 
 I had an issue with some medias, having problem of transparency, glitch on a simple shape with a mask and feather, and cut when media were on the same layers (a mini black screen). 

I thought that maybe prores 4444 with alpha was not the best one for my medias, so I exported all my medias in HAP with after effects but now It takes hours to export the timeline ! 
What do you recommend when we need to work on media with transparency and we need an export ?


  • Hello @rlalire,

    Please send us a minimal reproducing your bad export with the timeline.
    Thank you, we'll study it.

    About exporting a timeline with HapQ movies : yes, it takes too long to render and we're working on a fix.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe ! I will try to reproduce it, I have changed all the medias but I will recreate the same project ;-)
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