Map a curved screen


I'm wondering the best way tu project on a curved screen. I mean I've 1 projector and and wall which is round...
Maybe the point had been discussed many times but I don't find something.



  • Hello @jeanseb,

    In Millumin, the best way to map a curved screen is to use the wapring, so you can curve your media to adapt you curved screen.

    Did that help ?

    Sincerely your,
  • Yes I tried to do it like this, but I think the anamorphose is not very homogen. I mean it's not very exponentiel but more linear, isn't it? This vidéo present some people so I need to respect proportion.
    And do you think it'll be nicer with the plugin after effects?
  • Hello @jeanseb,

    Indeed, by default the warping is linear. If you need something more "exponentiel", you can try to activate the bezier mode.

    The after effect plugin will help you to create media in after effect and and share the texture with Millumin. So, you can do your mapping in Millumin while editing the texture with after effect.

    Did that solve your problem ?

    Have a good day,
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  • I can't try it, with the wall. But I think the video won't be real, I mean proportionel. It's just a feeling but I'm afraid that it's seem strange. But maybe I think complicate and it's not!!
  • With the bezier is not exponential, and my feelings seems said It doesn't work. What we need it's to have an exponential segmentation of the surface, and not a linear segmentation.

    I'm a newbie maybe my ideas aren't good!!! 
  • Hello @jeanseb,

    Yes, bezier is polynomial and not exponential. So you cannot have something mathematically perfect with Millumin. But the idea of bezier is to have something so close to the reality that you cannot see the difference.
    By creating a 2*1 warping grid in bezier mode you be able to adapt your projection to a round wall.

    If you need to be more accurate, you add more point to your warping grid.

    Is that more clear ?

    Sincerely your,

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  • ok nice!!!

    I understand well.

     In French we said making some node in your minds!! That's me!!

    Thanks a lot
  • Hi everybody,

    Do you have any feedbacks about curved screens?
    I'm currently working on a project and the set design want to use a curved screen (with a depth difference of one meter).
    But I'll mostly use text and I'm afraid of the geometry of the words...

    Can someone help me?

  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    For sure, you will need to use "warping" (not only "mapping").
    The "warping" will help you to compensate the curve of your screen, so lines appear correctly aligned.

    In your case, I think a "bezier" warping should be the most efficient. If the curve of your screen is regular, you could even do it with a simple grid (see image below).

    If you don't feel confident or experienced, be sure to test it on small model to understand how warping will work.
    Best. Philippe
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