MST Hub with AMD Vega

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I have confirmed that the wx8200 and Razor Core V2 work well with 4 outputs. 

Can I get 16 or 8 outputs with no problems using MST Hub 4x or MST Hub 2x? I am looking for a cheap way. 

I also want to know if I can get 12 or 6 outputs using "Gigabyte vega 56" and MST Hub.


  • As far I know, MST hub aren't supported on macOS.
    You can use a Datapath FX4, but there is also new product : the Magnimage MIG-F4 that seems very interesting and lower in price (half the price of a FX4). However, we didn't test it ourselves.

    The Gigabyte AMD Vega 56 features 3 x DisplayPort and 3 x HDMI.
    We tested it (inside a Razor Core X) with 2 x 4Kp60 displays, and it worked very well with Millumin and HAP 4Kp60 movies. However, the HDMI ports seem to be limitated to 4Kp30, so the only way to get 4Kp60 seems to use DisplayPort.
    In brief, you could get at max :
    - 3 x 1080p60 (via HDMI)
    - 3 x 4Kp60 (via DisplayPort) 
    - so 15 x 1080p60 in total (if you use Datapath FX4 or equivalent)

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks... Philippe
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