Displaying time of the movie

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I'd like to know if there is a way to display the time of movie, so the operator can anticipate actions.


je veut savoir si il ya un moyen d'afficher  le time de la video au  régisseur pour pouvoir intervenir a temp merci


  • Hello @imad,

    You can see the remaining/elapsed time of your movie from the Time panel :
    - click the "<" button on the right of the dashboard to open the Time panel
    - then click the "gear" icon to display remaining or elapsed time

    Another method :
    - @dnny developped a nice application to display such times in another application (with big font)
    - our Lemur template is providing nice info as well (so you can see this time directly on your iPhone for example)

    Best. Philippe
  • merci pour votre assistance 
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