hi everyone,

I'm working on a show in south of france. 
We have live video, we control differents sources tanks to an Atem. 
I have a computer with Millumin, sending recorded video, link on the atem as a source. 

What i would like to do, is to send recorded video on the live video, so we can see both source, one on the other. 
I have an export project from After effect set for transparence. But when import it in millumin, the background is black. I can control thanks to the atem, to have 50/50 of recorded and live video. 
But i can't remove the black background
Do you if there any effect in Millumin for that ? 


  • Hello @clement,

    What is your codec used for your video ? ProRes-4444 ?
    What is your version of Millumin ? 2.18.w ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillipe, 

    Thank you for answering. 
    Yes my codec is now apple ProRes-4444
    My Millumin version is 2.18.w

    Merci pour ta réponse.
    Mon codec est maintenant Apple ProRes-4444
    Ma version de Millumin est 2.18.w

  • Hello @clement,

    Sorry, I'm not sure to understand : does it work now ?
    If not, please provide a short MOV file with the problem. Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
  • pour le noir utilise dans effets colors key pour enlever le noir 
    bonne soiree
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