Layer loop ?

Hello !

I already searched for an answer but i didn't find anything about my question. 

I would like to know how create a layer loop ? 

I have one Layer with 5 movies and i would like to play them in a infinite loop mode. How can i do that ?



  • Hello @FabienCAV,

    You can change the loop-mode of a movie directly in the properties-panel : on the right of Millumin's interface.
    See image below.

    You can also set the default behavior in the Preferences.

    Lastly, if you want to create a big loop from multiple layers, you could create a timeline to embed everything together.

    Best. Philippe
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    Thank you for the answer,

    i will try it with a timeline to embed evrything together like you said.

    Great day ! Bye
  • Hello @FabienCAV,

    Ok, I see : you want to "chain" media together, to make a big and one movie. Am I right ?

    You can do so :
    - by creating a timeline (the most intuitive way to my mind)
    - by using the loop-mode "auto-follow" (so media are chained one after the other), then go in "Board" menubar and select "remove empty columns" (so it loops across the same dashboard)

    Best. Philippe
  • You're the best !

    Thank you so much
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