Memory Leak in V2+ beta?

Has anyone noticed a memory leak when running V2+ when jumping back and forth between columns?

Got several out of memory errors, and noticed the Memory Used was creeping up to the 32GB system limit just before.  But Millumin and the decoder were only showing about 5GB between the two.. After quitting and restarting Millumin, this value would drop back down to the normal range... as I played more columns, it would creep back up again.

Anyone else had that?



  • Hello @thekdoggy,

    We haven't heard about such an issue, but could you send us (via emaik) a minimal project to reproduce it ? Thank you.
    Please let us know how the scenario to reproduce it.

    Best. Philippe
  • For info, this issue have been fixed in latest Millumin beta.
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