assign a light to a controller

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Hi ! I am working on a show and we would like to use Millumin to control lights. I know that we can do it with your dmx panel, but is it possible to assign a light to a slider, on a device like a nano Kontrol ? Just to save a lot of time during the creation, after that we won't use the controller anymore ! 


  • I will do my own response ;-) Bu t I found the solution in V2+ ! When will it be launched ?! Can't wait to use it in shows !! 
  • Hello @rlalire,

    Yes : if you want to control more advanced lights, the last Millumin V2+ beta features a lot of improvements regarding lights support.
    We will send a newsletter soon for a lot of info regarding Millumin V2+. Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe

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