Mapping complex surfaces

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Hi, I'm trying to map a logo, can I import a vector into Millumin and used as a surface or mask? Thanks.


  • Hello @DiegoGW,

    You can do so by clicking the "..." button : you can import or export the surfaces to SVG.
    It's also working with masks.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi, I tried but did not work. The SVG file needs some especific settings?
  • Hello @DiegoGW,

    Unfortenately, SVG isn't a real standard : there are so many variations. We checked our SVG import/export with popular tools such as Illustrator and Inkscape.
    Please send us your SVG file via email (contact / millumin), we'll have a look at it, and try to find a solution to read it as expected. But keep in mind that almost every software as its own way to write/read SVG : this is hard to be consistent on all these softwares.

    Best. Philippe
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    I have been successful in importing SVG files as a mask but not as a surface.
    First, you have to create a layer, then assign a surface and import the SVG file as a mask.
    Note that if you have separate vectors graphics in the SVG, will be recognize as different masks inside a layer.
  • Hello @DCadens,

    Masks and surface are 2 different concepts, and work independently : a mask makes some pixels transparent on an image, while a surface creates a videomapping constraints on a layer.
    No need to assign a surface to a layer, to import a SVG file as a mask. This is independant.

    You can import almost any shape as a mask from a SVG file : if it doesn't work, please send us your SVG file to our email support (contact at millumin). Keep in mind that SVG isn't a real standard : there are so many variations depending on the software you're using.

    About surfaces : you can only import triangle and quad shapes, because it is for videomapping.
    You should create some surfaces right inside Millumin, then export them as a SVG and open this file with Illustrator for example. You will see how surfaces are represented.

    Best. Philippe
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