managing live input mapped and sequences mapped in millumin v1


I'm trying to manage and mapping on the same Millumin project a live mapped input and some mapped sequences for a theater show. In never dealt with lives input, only mapped sequences. I misunderstand something, so sorry if i sound like a beginner, it's because i am.

I've to work with a Mac Pro (processor 3,19 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, Mem 8Go 1066MHz DDR3 ECC, graphic AMD Radeon HD 7950 3072 Mo). There's a Decklink Studio 2 installed.

I don't understand where I'm wrong, so i'll tell you what I've done with the system/cables/convertors/ i've got.

I've plugged the camera (Canon Legria HF G10) through HDMI in the Decklink card input, then I've got an Hdmi output to one video projector, with two convertors: HDMI -convertors Ethernet-HDMI - Videoprojector.  
(By the way, does a Hdmi - BNC SDI with Blackmagic convertors would sound better? I've got a lot of latency, but that's another problem)

So I want to begin my mapping, I'm in Millumin (it's the V1 version at the moment), in the dashboard I use on a first layer the Decklink Studio2 icon to have my live feed - i've got no images unless i change the mode to HD 1080i 50. But i've got something.

If i put a .mov as an other sequence in a different layer and column, i can't read it directly just by switching the column, i've to toggle to fullscreen mode to have my .mov sequence, and do the same in reverse to reconnect with my livefeed. I've got strong glitchings when i do that ...

Is there a way to avoid this? 

I surely misunderstand something. But i don't get if it's from settings in BlackMagic Design's in system preferences, settings in Millumin...I really don't see.
I hope someone could help, thanks in advance!



  • Hello @felixshaw,

    First of all, you should test your setup with a standard LCD, instead of an Ethernet convertor. This should be easier to spot where the problem is.

    Secondly, your Blackmagic card may not work with 1080p60 signals : this would explain why it's working only with 1080i50. Please contact Blackmagic support to learn more about about supported format for the Decklink Studio 2.
    Also, only a few Blackmagic cards are full-duplex : I mean capable of both capturing and outputting. Are you in this case ? Or do you use the HDMI output of your graphic card ?

    In Millumin V1, it's normal to toggle fullscreen to get an image on your videoprojector. We simplified a lot this behavior in Millumin, so you don't have to worry about toggling fullscreen.
    By the way, did you test with Millumin V2 : what is the result ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    Thanks very much for your quick answer,
    I'm still a bit stuck, i contacted Blackmagic, this Blackmagic Decklink Studio 2 card is the old generation, the hardware looks exactly like the Blackmagic Decklink Studio 4K. They told my Decklink Studio 2 only support 1080p30 signals (does it soud weird to you?). I tried to change my camera settings to 1080p25, but nothing changes.

    In Millumin, I've still got an image, but it's impossible to map it (nothing changes on the VP). I'm plugged directly in HDMI Camera input -Mac-Hdmi output to VP.
    I've not been able yet to test the set with Millumin V2

    Sorry to ask,  If i want to map a live input in Millumin, would i be normally able to do it directly on a same project and dashboard? (ok it's a silly one, i've got to many questions in my mind)

    Anyway, do you think it would be possible to use (to map live inputs and alternatively .mov sequences) the external system Blackmagic Insensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt?
    I've been told to check for an eventual other solution, bying a new mac, maybe a mini, I'd install Millumin V2. I saw this topic in the forum, did you have any info if it works: link

    Thank you again in advance,



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    Hello @felixshaw,

    In Millumin (V1 or V2), mapping a movie, an image or a live-feed is the same : you use the "mapping" tool (the tool to move the 4 corners). More info on the tutorial to begin here.

    What do you mean exactly by "it's impossible to map it, nothing changes on the VP" ? Could you take a picture of Millumin's interface ?
    Sorry, I don't understand your problem.
    Are you sure you toggle "fullscreen" in Millumin V1 ? Can you display the test-card to check so (see the "Output" menubar to activate the test-card) ?

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I don't think the post you're pointing out is relevant (you should be able to do what you want with your Blackmagic capture card only)
  • Hello Philippe,

    Thanks again, I agree the question about mapping a live was stupid when we talk about a mapping software, really sorry for that..

    I was a bit troubled with the previous system I was testing, and the OS was too old to test Millumin V2, and it's complicated for some reasons to change the OS.
    The Blackmagic Card installed (Desklink Studio 2) is not full duplex. I had also problems with the camera drivers.

     I made some test from a Mac mini with V2, and a Blackmagic design Intensity Shuttle thunderbolt.
     thanks to the millumin help, I downloaded the CamBorder application. After settings (1080i50 - 10 or 8bit) I've got my live feed in Millumin with CamBorder shortcut.

    However, the Macmini is a poor option, not able to support a lot without egpu, ssd and tons of adaptors. So i'm working again on another configuration...But i think for what is needed, i have to work with a BlackMagic Desklink Studio 4K (wich is full duplex)

    To be continued,

    I apologize for my unclear infos, and i wanted to sincerely thank you a lot again for your infos and your promptness, it's really, really helpfull!



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