Hello , 
I want to manage opacity on  multiple layers (copy layers) by osc .
I tried
/millumin/layer:1/opacity and renamed all layers "1"
and also
/millumin/layer:[1-10]/opacity but it doesn't work 

I looked in Github with no result , maybe Phillipe will help me again :)


  • Hello @creal,

    Sorry, it's not possible : an OSC message targets only one layer at a time.

    However, next update of Millumin V2+ beta will feature a master for video : see this short video.
    Does it fit your needs ?

    Another solution could be to simply bind the same interaction (let's say the OSC message "/fader1"), to all your layers opacity.

    Best. Philippe
  • Bonjour Phillipe,
    The new feature is really cool but it doesn't help me ,
    I will have two canvas this screenshot is for the first one .
    I would control this ten opacity layers , and sorry i don't understand how to link opacity layers .
    3264 x 2448 - 730K
  • Hello @creal,

    There are 2 ways :

    1 / If you have only one media.
    Add a "HSL" effect on your media (not on the layer), then create an interaction on the parameter "lightness". 
    To create an interaction, press CMD+M, select the green control, and move your MIDI controller, your TouchOSC, ... More info on this tutorial.

    2 / If you have different media.
    Press CMD+M, and for each layer, create an interaction on the parameter "opacity".
    You should end with 10 interactions, using the same input (the same MIDI fader, the same TouchOSC button, ...).

    Does it make sense ?
    Best. Philippe

    PS : feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice about adding an OSC command to control several layers at the same time ("/millumin/layer:[1-10]/..."). It helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity.

  • Yes it works , Thanks so much !!
    Best !
  • Hello, if your setup is juste like your photo, you can use a black color card at the top of all layers and just control opacity af this color card. it's more easy but not "professionnal" !

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