Millumin V2+ NDI


When is it planned to implement NDI in V2+? Despite being in Beta I used it in a couple of events where I needed to synchronize different devices and it worked really well for me.  For the next project I need to capture 3 computers with PowerPoint and it would be great to be able to synchronize the introduction at the beginning, and then be able to capture the presentations using NDI. 

Thank you very much. 


  • Hello @ibox,

    Millumin V2+ beta supports NDI just as official Millumin V2. In more details : Millumin V2 supports NDI V2, and Millumin V2+ supports NDI V3.
    More info on this post.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philipe

    Ok.... I don't see the option to enable NDI input. Is it necessary to do something?

    Thank you

  • Hello @ibox,

    NDI isn't an addon any more in Millumin V2+.
    What's the problem ? Don't you see NDI as an output ?

    Best. Philippe
  • I found the problem, Little Snitch was blocking the communication, I created a new rule allowing the connection and I got the NDI input. 

    Thank you very much
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