Using NDI tech with Milumin?

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Hello Philippe,

I am checking in as I've seen some announcments on your website about the ability to use Milumin with NDI based network technology.  I'm wondering if you might be able to provide an overview from a hardware / software perspective on how to use Milumin to output to multiple projectors using NDI hardware and a wireless network.  I was looking at the Newtek Connect Spark HDMI units and assume You'd have one of these plugged into each projector and then these would receive a signal from a wireless router that could handle the multiple wireless HD or 4K signals sent via a Milumin / syphon pairing, but I'm not sure which transmitter / router I should be looking at or if any of this is possible in the way I'm thinking.  In the end, I'm trying to use Milumin to control 4 HDMI based projectors, via a wireless connection system that has as little lag as possible.  I've also seen some projectors from NEC with built in wireless systems and am curious if you've ever used these with Milumin as well.

Thanks for your advice!

NewTek Connect Spark HDMI


  • Hello @gfelice,

    The Newtek Connect Spark HDMI isn't meant to be connected to a projector : it's typically for a camera, so it can be captured wirelessly.
    Millumin natively supports NDI, so it means that you can both receive or send several NDI streams.

    In brief : feel free to try out NDI with Millumin alone (don't forget to activate NDI displays from Millumin/Preferences/Addons). You can even try on the same computer (feature equivalent to Syphon).

    If you need the contrary of the Spark, you could buy the Pizazz NDI2HDMI device.
    However, I strongly recommand you to test your setup with several computers (instead of NDI2HDMI devices), since 4 NDI streams is quite a lot to manage, even on a good LAN. I don't think it's possible via Wifi.
    Lastly, I also recommand you to contact manufacturer (Newtek and Pizazz) to ask them about your required setup : they would provide you good advice and lead you to the right device.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the details Philippe!  I didn't realize that the Spark was a one-way communication device and thought that it could send or receive wirelessly.  Also, I appreciate the warning on having 4 wireless streams as I was thinking that might be a bit much as well.

    We actually have some older HDMI to CAT5 converters from our older Crestron system that I might try to cannibalize first.  if that doesn't work, the longest cable run we have is about 50 feet, so I might even be able to go with a long / boosted HDMI cable.

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