airplay Live input?

Hi, does anyone know if its possible to use this product or a similar one as an input into Millumin?
i want to beam the live camera feed from an iPhone to Millumin to use as a camera on screen.


  • Hello @frozenwaffles

    Airserver should work, but I'm not sure this will be easy to hide the screen informations
    Alternatively, you will also find free apps doing the same such as TLRemoteCamera.


  • We have been going the hardware route. Using AppleTV converted to SDI and then into an SDI capture card. Has been extremely solid and takes some load off the system.
  • Hi!

    Airserver works perfect, like apple tv
  • edited March 2018
    I use Airserver a lot for industry-events since two years for stream iPads from the stage to the stage direction into Millumin. It´s very stable. We had once forgotten the Apple TV. Since then I only use Airserver. This will save me a device more at the direction.
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