Project with 14 beams and 1 GUI

I’m a Resolume Arena user, but for some shows I need a timeline and some people recommend to use vezer but I’m attracted by Millumin for the interactivity that I might need with some dancers that I work with.
Before I purchase I’m considering some valid points.

I’m investing in a new media server (PC) because the new Macs are outrageous and don’t work well with Resolume (my main software) and with an Egpu I might be able to squeeze my Mac for another couple of years.

The idea is using one egpu 1080Ti on my MacBook 2014, i7 2,3. 16ram.
Using two DP ports.
Each to FX4 and through another FX4.
Is there any limitation for pixel in millumin?
Due to the gpu limitations. Considering 20% blend I’m planning to do one Comp 7680x2160@30 and divided them in two 7 beams x 1080p.

Is it possible in millumin?

Thank you in advance.


  • Hello @jdshows,

    We didn't have test such a eGPU.
    However, we tested on a MacBookPro Touchbar (with a Radeon Pro 460), and it was able to manage 2 x 4K outputs. So if your eGPU is working correctly, and since the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is far more powerful, your configuration shouldn't be a problem.
    From our experience, the Datapath FX4 is greatly supported on Mac (we own one at our studio, and it's working fine 4K@60hz via HDMI).

    There is not software limitation in Millumin, but there is a hardware limitation on GPU side : recent GPU would manage resolution up to 16384 x 16384. So not problem in your case.
    If you're beyond this limit, Millumin will notify you (a simple solution would be to split into 2 canvases).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you @millumin

    As soon I can get the enclosure and the ASUS turbo 1080ti (base clocked). I’ll test it with the millumin demo and keep you posted.


  • The ATI RX 580 is actually probably the better choice for your Mac, because it´s natively supported by Mac OS 10.13.
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