slice editor by pixel

i have a long strip of content (6784x256) i want to make fit into a single 1920x1080 raster,  i want to divide it into 4 pieces, the first 3 1920 wide and the last 1024 wide, so i can stack them ontop of each other to fit into one led processor.  i can only see how to make slices evenly, can i define the slice area

on a seperate note, can i change the position so it works 0,0 from the top left?


  • Hello @JasonMatt,

    You cannot specify an aera (a dimension) in the slice-editor, but you can double-click an anchor to edit its position with numbers.
    Maybe you'd find easier to use 2 instances of Millumin : one for the content, syphoned to another one that manages the outputs (and your slicing).

    Best. Philippe
  • how would that help?

    i can't seem to change the anchor point when just positioning a video in a layer?
  • Hello @JasonMatt,

    As far as I understand what you need : yes, it would help.
    When double-clicking an anchor in the slice-editor, a popup will appear, so you could edit the slice with numbers. See image below :

    Lastly, check the attached project. It should do what you want, you just need to replace the random content I put, by the one you need.

    Best. Philippe
  • thnanks, i'm playing with this now. can i change the anchor point, so that 0,0 is the top left of the raster?
  • Hello JasonMatt,

    Sorry, it's not possible, since the anchor point is automatically calculated. But feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice, so we could keep track of your request.

    Best. Philippe
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