Shader Repair

Are there any instructions how to get shaders from running in Millumin?


  • at least with some shaders :)
  • Is there any documentation about the coding instructions accepted by Millumin?
  • Hello @underscore,

    Examples and resources are provided in the tutorial.
    In brief : ISF shaders use standard GLSL.

    Best. Philippe
  • yes, but the tutorial does not explain why >50% of stuff is not working in Millumin
  • Hello @underscore,

    As explained in the tutorial :

    Millumin uses a standard called ISF (for Interactive Shader Format), kindly imagined by Vidvox for VDMX.

    Many softwares are supporting this standard, so the same ISF shaders can be used in different applications.

    ISF is a standard in live-video application (VDMX, Coge, MadMapper, Millumin, ...).
    Shadertoy is different, and uses different variables, functions, ... The base is GLSL as well, but Shadertoy isn't ISF.
    Some sites offer Shadertoy-to-ISF converters, but indeed, this isn't perfect.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @underscore,

    This code of this shader is resolution-dependent : to be more precise, the parameter "density" must be below the width of the shader.
    Example : if the size of your shader is 1024x768 pixel, the density must below 1024. Check the shader code to know more.

    Also, you may change parameter "quality" to "highest" : as stated in Millumin's interface (se the "i" icon), unless" highest" quality, Millumin will skip some pixels to improve rendering (shaders can be costly in performances), so cutting down the resolution.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @underscore

    Technically the shader build and compile, but you have to trigger the parameters so i doesn't render only black pixels. 
    Since the parameter "people density" is somehow linked to the render size, you might want to adjust it. 

    Putting it to 300 with a resolution of 1024*768 is a good starting point. 


  • ok, this is a good starting point.
  • Hello,
    New on this forum, but i have to test a simple ISF linear gradient shader and i get some probleme to save the shader parameter on a different drive.

    The session was made before on a external hard drive and after that bundle with all media and shader on the computer internal hard drive.
    If i lunch the session from the internal drive but with the external drive pluged everything work and millumin keep my shader parameters, but if i unplug the external hard drive, all the shader parameter and setting are lost.

    Does anyone know where millumin save the shader settings and parameters, and why this append?
    Thank a lot for the reply, it’s a little bit urgent.
  • Hello @Anton,

    Could you please send us your project (just the .millumin file) to contact/millumin/com email ? Also, send us the shader file that have the problem.
    Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
  • For the record : the bug of @Anton have been fixed for next Millumin update.
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