Extended desktop

I want to see Millumin' screen during the presentation -- maybe with some justgetflux.com darkroom settings.
Is it really true that extended desktop is not possible in OS X? 


  • Hello @underscore,

    Yes of course, you can extend your desktop on macOS.
    Just be sure "mirror displays" option isn't checked : more info on this Apple post.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    Bad luck. OSX El Capitan & Sierra do not give an extended desktop with Barco Clickshare. The device neither appears in the screen settings nor in Millumin's output list. It's just a screen mirror.

  • Hello @underscore,

    I'd suggest to contact Barco support to know more about this issue.
    Usually, video is transmitted through physical video outputs (HDMI, DVI, VGA, ...). Barco Clickshare is a very specific system, with its own drivers and protocols. For use, this is special and only Barco can provide support about it.

    Best. Philippe
  • You are right, a very specific system but with a major OS X problem when it comes to the extended desktop.
  • Just to clarify for folks who stumble across this thread.

    Barco's ClickShare system is a USB device that emulates a monitor.  The beauty of this is that several of them can be used in, say, a conference room so attendees can easily take turns projecting to a monitor or projector wirelessly.  

    The limitation is that, since it uses its own drivers to capture just the active laptop screen, it can't be used as a second monitor.

    The only solution I can think of is to bring your own second monitor that connects via HDMI or a Mini DisplayPort dongle (depending on model) to place next to your laptop.  Set the external monitor as your main display while the laptop screen is your presentation.  The ClickShare *may* duplicate your laptop's screen and allow you to have your notes on the external monitor alongside.  


    A clunky solution, but worth trying if you really need extended desktop mode.

  • Thank you @MNTechnoGeek, this sounds reasonable, will try it next year :)
    Received also a download link last night from Barco as they have now an experimental support for an extended desktop.
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