NDI® V3 Support for Millumin V2+

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Hi Philippe,

this future support sounds interesting.

What latency did you messured with the connect spark over wifi and compared with wired within this protocol so far?
As it seems, it is possible to record or capture several sources simultaneously with this protocol? If yes, how many would be possible with 1080p 60 with a MacPro late 2013?

I was just looking at Newtek for example, a housing with eight HDMI inputs. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Or would there be a similar network-based way to completely get away from capture with capture cards?

Thank you for your answer in advance.




  • Hello @CitizenCaine

    We haven't tested the spark yet, but here are the result of the test we made between two computers one sending a 4k image to the other. We measured 6 frames meaning 100ms of latency. 


    Antoine M*

  • Hi Antoine,

    6 frames over wifi or wired?


  • Hello @CitizenCaine

    The 6 frame latency is for a 4k image sent over a wired network at 60fps. 
    The latency will go down if the resolution of the image goes down. 


  • Hi Antoine,

    did you do your test in a common 1 GB LAN or 10 GB LAN?

    thank you
  • Hello @emanuele,

    This was a direct computer-to-computer network between 2 MacBookPro Retina, via Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adpaters.
    In brief : a CAT6 cable between the computers.

    Best. Philippe
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