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Hi, can we please have some proper info on how to use a data track to send TCP commands?
i have tested a telnet connection from terminal on the mac to the projector. i can send commands and it works great!
but i cant send any commands from Millumin.

what are the range vales for?
how do I tell a certain column how or when to send the command?


  • Hello @frozenwaffles,

    Telnet is a protocol, allowing a user on one computer, to log into another computer that is part of the same network.
    So it's totally different than communicating via TCP/UDP strings.

    Be sure your machine can receive such strings, then check that the IP and the port are correct (press CMD+K under Millumin, then select the "String" tab).
    Lastly, check if you need to add a break-line at the end of your string (type "[NEW_LINE]" in the string-field of the data-track). Indeed, some machine need this to know that the string-command is finished.

    Technically, Millumin is just using a standard socket (TCP or UDP) to send the string towards another machine.
    Best. Philippe
  • ok cool, i'll do some more digging. thankyou :)
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