Interaction and Dashboard columns, Midi...

I have an unexpected behaviour with Dashboard columns when I map an interaction to launch a column.

Let's say : I map a midi note to launch the column n°5 (which I rename as "LA 5"), it is ok.
Now, I insert a column before the n°5. 
The midi note will play the N°5 and not "LA 5" which became N°6...

(Obviously, the problem is the same if I add a column after the N°5 and I have mapped a midi note to a further column let's say the N°7)

For me it's a real issue, because I work on plays and we can start working on act2 before act1 so I always need to insert columns, and secondly the actual midi note is sent by musicians so I have to remap these notes with them several times a day ;( 

By the way, a related question, is there a way to edit action or copy/paste midi note in millumin without using an actual midi controller ?

Thanks !


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    Hello @hyll,

    This is the expected behavior : such interactions are linked to the column's index, so even if some columns move, the interaction sticks to this index.
    But we're thinking about an alternative setting in your case.

    However, I guess you'd rather want to create a "big interaction", such as "from MIDI note 24 to 40 ---> launch column from 1 to 16".
    Am I right ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi,
    Thanks Philippe,
    Actually interactions are not link to a specific column but rather to a number of a column, which is really a problem in my case.

    No, I don't need such a big interaction. Musicians use Live and put some midi notes whenever I need them to be in sync with a specific column. And I deal myself with other columns in between.


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    Hello @hyll,

    Yes, you're right, I didn't explain the behavior correctly (I updated my message).
    As now, interaction to launch columns are global (available in all the boards) and based on the index of the column.

    One solution could be to use one board per act : so adding/removing a column would have less impact.
    Another solution is to write a mini-script that receives MIDI, and call Millumin's OSC API (for example the message  /millumin/action/launchColumn "myColumnName").

    On our side, we've been thinking about an option on such interaction : to bind the interaction to a specific column.
    This will be available in next beta (so outside official channel). I sent you an intermediate version to check this out.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks, working great !
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    In my case I try to do a "big interaction", such as "from MIDI note 24 to 40 ---> launch column from 1 to 16",
    but with Artnet : Values between 1 and 255 launch columns from 1 to 255.
    Is there a simple way to do that ?
    I've only suceeded in launching one column at a time.
  • Hello @Videogrammes,

    It's not possible to do so directly in Millumin.
    But you can easily do it with Chataigne : please find attached a project/example (there is "Millumin" module, but launching a column has disappeared, maybe a bug).

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok thanks Philippe for the confirmation
    I finally did it (and others things) with Max

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