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Sorry, if the question has already been asked, but I can't find anything about this :

In Millumin v2 how to set loop mode (once freeze, once stop, auto follow) for Timelines ?
I used to work with lots of timelines in my Dashboard with v1.

I'm just starting to work with v2 and I'm  confused with this...

Thanks !


  • In the timeline click the keyframes/segments button at the bottom of the screen. You will see the segment bar appear at the top of the timeline. If you click on the segment bar you can control whether it loops or not.

    Segments are very useful once you get used to them. A good tutorial can be found from the help page.
  • Thanks for this answer.
    I've already seen the new segment tool.
    But it offers only two choices : loop or play once.

    What I'm trying to do, as with v1, is to set behaviours like "once freeze", "auto follow", "once stop".
    Is it still possible ?
    If not, is there another way ?

  • Hello @Alain,

    Millumin2 doesn't work exactly as Millumin1 regarding the timeline feature.
    However, play once is equivalent to "once freeze'".

    The other options don't have an exact equivalent.

    You can in some cases use an intro (as explained in this tutorial part 4) to make an "auto follow" and then a loop.
    "once stop" can be reproduce by splitting your medias at the end of the segment.

    hope it helps



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    Thanks Antoine,
    I understand better now.
    I've missed the "Intro" check box the first time.

    This new "paradigm" is clever and powerfull but wouldn't it be possible having the choice using the old way too for the Timeline ?
    Just re-introducing the "loop mode" menu in the "current media" pannel from the Dashboard.


    Choice is always good...

    Thanks anyway,
  • Hello @Alain,

    We also have this in mind. This functionality might be available in a future release but I can't give you any date or certitude.


  • Ok,

    For now, if my understanding of synchrone and asynchrone timelines is correct. It would be more usefull for synchrone timelines.

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    So when can we have this feature?
    Being able to set the loop mode of the actual timeline is what we need please.
  • Hello @frozenwaffles,

    As stated in our previous message posted 2 weeks ago, we hope soon (probably in next beta version, outside official channel).
    But we cannot give you any date for now.

    Best. Philippe
  • ok thankyou :)
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