Freeze (pause) live input?

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I'm looking to freeze a live input (video input or BlackSyphon as we're using Intensity Extreme cards) with a trigger.

I was thinking of using Quartz Composer to do this, but I need help.

Ideally there would be a simple toggle to hold and release the frame, just as you hit play/pause in QuickTime Player for example, but with live video.

Thanks for the help.


  • Hello @deckard97,

    In the Quartz-FX pack, you will find an "Old Movie" FX that diminish the framerate : get inspiration from this file to "freeze" or not the content of your layer.
    By the way, you can use your Blackmagic card directly in Millumin (the same as BlackSyphon). See "Inputs" in the library.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    How far did you get with this, i have tried but no joy.


  • I think I ended up using a feedback effect to slow and pause the live input. reset the feedback to "play" again.
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