Audio Adjustments - MILLUMIN 2 (SOLVED)

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Hi there,

Just wondering if there is the facility to manage AUDIO LEVELS for layers within MILLUMIN 2 ?

I don't seem to have the "AUDIO" drop down menu that was in MILLUMIN 1 or is it hidden somewhere else within the app ?

The reason or my question is that I am running an install at an art gallery where they have Media playing via millumin, but now also want to have a Spotify playlist playing through the gallery PA off the same machine.

I was therefore planning to MUTE all the output of video layers from MILLUMIN 2 so as to avoid any doubling of audio should there be a case where their media content has audio on it too.

Any help gladly appreciated

Best regards


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  • Solved ....

    Have found out that the MEDIA file the gallery had initially given me and said they had audio on it, DID NOT have audio !

    I have now tested with an audio embedded file and the options jumped up !

    Phew !

    Best regards


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  • Hi guys,

    what about volume control for all the contents on the same layer?
  • Hello @emanuele,

    We're thinking about this for Millumin V2+.
    Feel free to create an idea on Uservoice, so we could keep track of your request.

    Best. Philippe
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